Co-Lead Pastor “Chopper Deb” Iddings

Jesus Rescued Me From… ordinary. 

He saved me from approaching life and accomplishing my goals in my own strength & power.

He rescued me from being “good enough”, “the best I can be”, normal or regular.

From trying to learn, achieve, grow, and even budget on my own.

God has created us all to be Extraordinary.  If we do not accept His Grace; both in salvation and power, than we are limited to our own human abilities.  Yet we crave to be more.  That desire to be superheroes is wired into us by God himself.  He never created us to just “get by”.  That inner yearning to leap buildings in a single bounce, fight the bad guys, and save the world leaves a void when we are not walking in the power given to us through the Holy Spirit.  Some chase that “high” in alcohol or drugs.  Some fill it with violence, or risky behavior. Still others become workaholics.  I generally got my “rush” from always being on multiple sports teams and working hard. Excelling and achieving more and more.  When I got my 1st Harley 20 years ago I thought racing and dragging my pegs through corners was heaven on earth.  I have always loved pushing the envelope and going beyond safe into exciting (without going all the way to stupid);  always looking for the adrenaline rush.  I thought I was pretty invincible but really I was not even fully armed. I was not able to obtain anything beyond my own strength, skills and sweat. I could push through my fears but only with my own abilities or intelligence.

Even though I thought I was “a pretty good person” I was comparing my “pretty good” to people not the word of God.  God is good and cannot allow any evil. (Romans 3:10) So, no matter how I justified my actions (sins) and rated them as “not too bad”, in truth they “either are or they aint”.  But God knew we could not be good all the time so He had a plan.  On August 21, 1996, I accepted Christ not just as the God I learned about in CCD I understood the need for a sacrifice for my sins and accepted Christ as my Savior and my Lord. (As John 3:16 tells us)  Now by His grace, which is given to us by God when we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior, and the Holy Spirit I am empowered to go beyond my abilities. God’s grace is not just to ensure we go to heaven someday.  His grace gives us extraordinary power in life here and now. Luke 10:19; Now that’s power!

I was compelled to learn all I could about the Lord, veraciously reading and studying.  Several years ago the Lord called me and my husband to the pastorate.  This meant more college and training.  In 2012 I officially became a pastor.  I now serve as an associate pastor at Broken Chains Biker Church, Brockton/Holbrook MA.  But only God would take a passion to reach the lost and a passion to ride motorcycles and combine that into the greatest mission field ever.  To ride into the highways and byway and clubhouses.  To bring the good news and hope of Jesus to a lost and forgotten world.  To love as love should be, To live life as life should be lived. To continue to ride hard, drag pegs thru corners, and to boldly go… to infinity and beyond.